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New Specification of Gabion

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Gabion specification:
Material Requirements For Galvanized Double Twisted Hexagonal Gabions
Diameter of mesh wire: 0.120 inchesDiameter of selvedge wire: 0.153 inches
Diameter of lacing wire: 0.091 inches
Coating of wire Finish: 5 class 3 zinc coating 
ASTM A-641 tested in accordance with ASTM A370-92
Tensile of wire:54,000-70,000 psi soft temper
Weight of zinc coating of wire 
Determined by ASTM A-90
Mesh opening size: 8x10cm or 3.25inches x 4.50 inches
Mesh wire: 0.120 inches 
Weight of zinc coating: 0.85 oz/sf
Selvedge wire: 0.153 inches 
Weight of zinc coating: 0.90 oz/sf
Lacing wire: 0.091 inches
Weight of zinc coating: 0.80 oz/sf
Grade of zinc coating of wire
Uniformity of coating of wire 
Determined by ASTM A-239
Elongation: Not less than 12%

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